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With innovation at our core and your success as our mission, we go the extra mile to deliver not just solutions, but a springboard for business growth and transformation.

The Array of Our Custom Software Development Services

At Komersoft, we follow Agile principles to create high-quality software solutions that match your needs and expectations. We don’t just work for you; we work with you. We value your feedback and input and adapt to your changing requirements and expectations per the “fail fast” principle.

We use an iterative approach that lets us make adjustments without losing efficiency. And we don’t keep you waiting for the final product. We show you results in short and frequent cycles, keeping you involved and updated throughout the process.

Why you can rely on our Software Development Services

10+ years of experience in the developing custom software solutions
Agile mindset and client-first approach in service delivery
Top expertise in main programming languages and technologies
Software solutions benefiting partners in 10 different countries
30+ software developers and tech talents onboard

Our Software Development Process

Requirements Refinement

In the requirements refinement stage, we work together to define and agree on what needs to be delivered, how it will be done, and what necessary resources and timelines are needed. We involve you in every step, seeking your input and feedback for project success. By breaking down the work into smaller, manageable chunks, we ensure a streamlined and engaging process to maximize the project’s potential for success.

Software Implementation

At this stage we turn your requirements into code. We follow a rigorous coding process. We use the MVP (minimum viable product) approach, which means we deliver the core features first and then improve them later. We always make sure that you agree with our decisions and trade-offs.

Product Customization

Modifying existing solutions can be a practical approach in certain situations compared to developing new software from scratch. Our team of experts is ready to provide feasible and advisable solutions to assist you. We offer comprehensive guidance to address your specific needs and ensure a successful outcome.
Our team can also help you find an off-the-shelf solution that matches your business needs perfectly.


Often, customers struggle with overwhelming, isolated systems designed for specific tasks. They need data from other sources and often duplicate entries. Our Integration services connect your systems and automate your data flows.
We can implement a hub system or a customized extension to integrate your software with third-party applications. Enjoy simpler, smarter, and scalable software solutions.

CI/CD Implementation

Komesoft's software development process revolves around continuous integration (CI). Additionally, we aim to automate the deployment process to enhance the overall development lifecycle. However, the decision to implement full continuous deployment requires consensus. Maintaining quality assurance standards is crucial for successful adoption.
Regardless of the selected approach, we always aim to minimize manual interventions by ensuring a seamless flow of delivery. This allows us to achieve a dynamic and efficient software development process that enables the timely delivery of high-quality solutions.

Infrastructure Implementation

Every software needs a solid infrastructure to run on. Whether in the cloud or on-premise, you need to create, configure, and maintain the right services and machines for your software. That’s where our Infrastructure Implementation comes in. We can help you design and implement a cloud-based solution that suits your needs.
Infrastructure Implementation can help you build a robust and reliable infrastructure for your software.

Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and support is an essential part of software development. It ensures that the solution works as intended, meets the customer’s needs, and stays up to date.
Whether the solution is still in development or has already been released, Scalo can handle all the maintenance and support tasks, such as fixing bugs, adjusting features, improving UI, managing system performance, and securing data. Furthermore, we guarantee that application-specific knowledge is preserved and always accessible to the client.

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