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Let’s Turn Your Idea Into a Product With Our Custom Software Design Services

Need help designing your system idea? Our software architecture design services are for you.

We will work with you to create a solution that fits your needs. We will cover technical and user interface aspects and give you a design document for development.

With our software design services, your system will be well-designed, well-documented, and well-aligned with your vision.

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Functional and Non-functional Requirements Gathering

We start by helping the customer determine what their system should do and define its quality attributes and properties. We use the UX perspective, brainstorming, and workshops to elicit and prioritize the features that the customer needs. We also explore the security, availability, performance, durability, compatibility, and usability aspects essential for a successful design. This step ensures that the customer has a clear and comprehensive list of requirements that can be used to produce an actual design.

UX/UI Design

We support the customer in designing their system from the end-user perspective. We make sure the system is operable, accessible, learnable, error-protected, and appropriate for the target audience. Once we establish satisfactory User Experience prerequisites, we utilize user interaction mapping, wireframes, and prototypes to create a user-friendly and attractive interface. This ensures the system meets users’ needs and expectations and integrates well into their routines.

High-Level Design

High-level design is a crucial step in software architecture design service. It involves defining the overall structure and scope of the system, as well as the best architecture to meet the requirements. It also includes planning the system’s deployment and infrastructure, considering the security and scalability aspects. With high-level design, we can help you create a clear and coherent vision of the system and its components.

Cost Analysis

As part of our software designing services, we use cost analysis to estimate your system’s development and operational costs, as well as the total cost of ownership. Whether you prefer a cloud-native or an on-premises solution, we will provide a detailed cost breakdown that considers all the factors and variables involved. Cost analysis will help you to make informed decisions and optimize your budget and resource utilization.

System Lifetime Expectancy Planning

System lifetime expectancy is critical in software product design services. It helps you to plan and design your system for optimal capacity and performance. We recommend following principle of designing for 10X growth but rewriting before 100X. This way, we avoid overspending and delaying development and ensure that your system can handle the expected load and traffic. System lifetime expectancy helps you anticipate and prepare for your system’s future needs and challenges.

Low-Level Design

Low-level design is the final stage of software designing services. It involves defining the details and specifications of each component and sub-system of the system. We will design the communication, data storage, hosting, scaling, and data exchange aspects of the system and choose the best option for each one. The low-level design, if implemented correctly, will ensure your system is efficient, reliable, and secure.

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