Mobile & Web App Development

Boost your business to new heights with Komersoft’s custom web app development.

Web-based App Development

Front end – Our front-end development team creates user-friendly mobile, web and desktop platforms compatible with the latest technologies and various back-end systems.

Back end – expertly crafted software architecture with readable and maintainable lines of quality code – this is our recipe for highly scalable, efficient, and intuitive back-end solutions.

Increasing App Scalability and Capacity

We believe in future-proofing your investment. That’s why we specialize in enhancing the scalability and capacity of applications, allowing them to handle higher volumes of users, transactions, and data.

App Migration

Experience a seamless transition and unlock the full potential of your application with Komersoft’s custom app development services. Whether you’re migrating from on-premises to the cloud, upgrading to a microservices architecture, or adopting a new database system, we have the expertise to execute the migration seamlessly.

Front-End & Back-End Devel Consultancy

Get the most out of our 6+ years of experience providing custom application development services. We will help you make informed decisions and guide you on user interface design, responsive layouts, and optimizing server-side performance.

QA for Applications

We always aim to improve overall product quality and deliver applications that exceed our Partners’ expectations. Our commitment to QA ensures that your custom application is reliable, secure and performs optimally across various devices and browsers.

Web App Modernization

If your existing application requires significant changes or is built with outdated technologies, we can develop a new solution tailored to your needs. Alternatively, we can provide you with a dedicated team of experienced developers, allowing you to leverage our expertise while maintaining complete control over the project.

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