Software Consulting

Helping connect the dots between ideas, challenges, and perfect software solutions

The fast-moving tech world offers excellent business growth opportunities and, at the same time, creates challenges and difficulties. As a software consulting company, we help our clients solve their technology problems and transform them into opportunities.

Whether you don’t know how to fix a specific technological issue or you want to take your software products to new heights, our consultants are here to support you with their experience and knowledge.

IT consulting - How can we help you?

Working for 10+ years in the software industry, we have gained significant expertise in various aspects of software development and software consulting services.

Scalo’s consultants can guide you when you are:

In What Tech Cases Can We Share Our Expertise

Software Architecture

Does your existing software solution need to be improved? Or are you planning to launch a new digital product? We'll help you plan an effective and scalable software architecture and match it with the proper technologies.

Legacy Software

Is your software becoming outdated, performing significantly worse, and no longer fulfilling your business needs? We'll analyze it and tell you if it is possible to improve it or you should rewrite it for modern technology.

Software Migration

Are you at the point when you need to move your software to a new platform, but you're unsure of how you should do it? We'll help you match your business goals with a tech stack and plan the whole migration process.

Software and System Integrations

Are you in need of guidance in integration projects? We'll analyze existing architecture and technologies and propose a solution that secures a well-performing integration of system elements.

Cloud Migration

Are you thinking about moving software development or maintenance to a cloud-based environment? Our consultants will analyze your cloud readiness and propose a perfect cloud model and migration process.

Software Performance

How about when your software works, but the performance level is far from sufficient? We'll audit the software architecture, technologies used, and existing infrastructure; based on the output, we will suggest a way to improve performance.

Software Development Models

Do you see some issues in the way your organization develops software products? Our consultants' experience in project management and development processes will help you make your development model more effective.

Quality Assurance Processes

Do bugs and issues make your development process more expensive and time-consuming? We know how to improve your quality assurance models or introduce new ones according to your expectations.

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