Leben in Deutschland

Studying and preparing for the exam in the integration course “Living in Germany”

What is Leben in Deutschland?

Leben in Deutschland is a comprehensive tool for preparing for the “LIVE IN GERMANY” test. Our application allows you to prepare perfectly for the exam. The app has many different training and testing modes. Our goal is to help you with passing the exam.

Modern, intuitive design makes learning even easier and more enjoyable. In a few clicks you can view detailed statistics of your training, evaluate your successes and see your progress. Also, we keep an eye on the real-exam questions and update the information promptly.

Our application consists of more than 200 different questions. You can always test your knowledges about Germany by following link for AppStore or Play Market.



Various tests

Leben in Deutschland allows you to select “land” and prepare in more detail for your test. The “exam” mode is limited in time and fully corresponds to the real test.



The Flutter platform was used to develop the Leben in Deutschland. This fact ensured the cross-platform nature of our product. You can run our application on any iOS or Android device.